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Christina Wehbe



Economic Development

Sustainability & Impact Advisory

Environmental Risk & Resilience

Land Transport and Infrastructure

Partner in economic growth with experience across three industries - Wealth Management (New York, Geneva); Financial Services and Technology management consulting for top-tier banks (London, Bangkok, Zurich); and finally International Development at Adam Smith International, managing projects in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and business development in the Levant region. Regional focus West Africa.

  • Founder of GrowthView,  strategic social and economic column, published in BusinessDay Nigeria.

  • Speaker at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on FinTech in emerging markets MWC19.

  • FinTech cross-border advisory in West Africa.

So what is my story?

In Switzerland in the 1990’s during Caritas computer science summer camps, I already noticed the hardship and injustice children refugees from Bosnia would endure. The social and economic hardship minorities were facing became more obvious when I moved to the US, where discrimination and lack of opportunities were prevalent. 


I wanted to change how the system works and help others. I decided to study political science, but I knew that I couldn’t meaningfully make a change, unless I had the Finance network and Economic deep-knowledge. 


So I worked in Finance (Wealth Management for top-tier banks) every summer in conjunction to my BA and Masters’. I graduated magna cum laude in Political Science from the University of Rochester and went on to study Global Governance & Diplomacy at the University of Oxford.


What do I do?

“My aim is to create financing tools and viable capital solutions that will catalyse development frontier countries.”

  • Investor relations (IR) with corporates, UHNW, financiers, VC investors and accelerator funds.

  • Market Linkages and Partnerships: Diageo, Nestle, MasterCard  Shell Foundation and top-tier global banks c-level established network.

  • Competitive Positioning:  secure long term contracts and strategic  SMEs and MSMEs in sustainable energy (solar: SHS and mini-grids)

  • Sub-Saharan Africa private sector focus particularly West Africa ECOWAS region

  • Levant (OPTs, Lebanon and Jordan) regional focus, on refugee labour market opportunities

  • Micro-financing and innovative Digital Technologies | PAYG, cloud softwares, Big Data and payment services with Customer Experience (CX) centric operating models

What next?

Let’s find great projects to work on. Work together to win work. And have fun while we do it. Do what makes you happy…Even better when you can combine this with what you are good at. That matching is the key to success and to developing the world sustainably.