Communications and Branding

Communications is an integral part of urban change and development, whether it’s for participatory urban planning and stakeholder engagement, communicating the progress of the construction of a major transport infrastructure project, or informing people living with a disability that new and inclusive pedestrian routes or urban spaces are available. 

At the same time, communities or civic organisations may wish to exercise their rights to demand change or improvements in areas like access to services. Knowing what you want and knowing what is best requires a high level of awareness of ones circumstances and inter-relationships with the broader context in which we are all embedded.

What can UrbanEmerge provide?

UrbanEmerge can work with local government, community and civic organisations, as well as the private sector, to facilitate engagement in broader governance processes. This requires enabling inclusive civic organisation and the awareness and understanding of a social or business community and its position relative to the world around it. We help draw on proven theories and previous experiences and work with organisations to develop strategic engagement and communication, designed to gain power and influence in decision-making processes.

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