Programme Development: Technical Assistance for Poverty Alleviation and Inclusive Development in Sindh Province, Pakistan (PAIDAR)

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Service line: Thriving Economies, Sustainable Cities

Project: Programme Development: Technical Support for Poverty Alleviation and Inclusive Development in Sindh province, Pakistan (PAIDAR)

Client: UNIDO (Funded by the EU)

Date: Mach 2021 (Ongoing)

UrbanEmerge developed a Poverty Graduation Strategy informed by international best practice for UNIDO. We are providing expertise in sustainable and inclusive regional economic development in Sindh Province, with a focus on assessing economic sectors and clusters and advising how the programme can be designed to support greater rural productivity, urban-rural market and infrastructure linkages, including digital solutions, and climate resilient development. Sindh Province is the second largest in Pakistan and is extremely vulnerable to the anticipated impacts of climate change. Sindh has a well developed agricultural base as well as strong potential for renewable energy and related jobs. Our approach places ecology, circularity and connectivity at the heart of a Poverty Graduation Strategy, to be rolled out in a series of pilot projects by the Government of Sindh, with technical assistance from UNIDO, subject to EU approval. 

Urban Emerge developed the following, in close collaboration with the UNIDO team:

  • Poverty Graduation Strategy

  • International Best Practice

  • Selection Criteria for Pilot Projects

  • Framework design of inception phase research