Join our Database

UrbanEmerge is a consultancy specialised in inclusive and sustainable development. We are a core team and close-knit network of partners, enabling staff, independent consultants and consultancy partners who get together to form solid teams on a project-by-project basis. We are growing by drawing experts and consultants from our networks and database as we bid on new projects.


Independent consultants who join UrbanEmerge on a project and successfully deliver on their promises and work well as a team are invited to join the UrbanEmerge Platform for priority access to project opportunities, consultants and resources for bidding on projects under our shared brand, UrbanEmerge.

Consultancy Partners who join us on successful projects may develop a strategic partnership with UrbanEmerge, so we can synergise and grow together.


Thank you in advance for your interest in UrbanEmerge and for uploading your CV/CapStat and registering your details in our database.