Organisational Development, Culture & Innovation

We believe that organizations that develop cultures based on integrity, innovation and collaboration perform better and bring more value to their stakeholders. UrbanEmerge offers clients practical and effective advice and methodologies to structure their organisations and co-create effective ethical, innovative and collaborative cultures. We also assist our clients in becoming more agile and efficient, in order to make a positive impact in their industries and on society.

What can UrbanEmerge provide?


We support our clients in identifying, and aligning to their purpose and values by:

(i) creating value by actively seeking to deliver solutions to the cultural, organisational, commercial and social issues they face;

(ii) reducing cost and risk with efficient governance structures, improved risk and issues management and prevention, and identifying opportunities to combine cost benefit and social return;

(iii) gaining competitive advantage with robust compliance programs and corporate responsibility activities linked to the organisation's core values, strategy and competences; and

(iv) developing legitimacy and reputational capital through strong and authentic community relations, targeted stakeholder engagement and transparent reporting and communications.

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