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Welcome to the UrbanEmerge platform, designed to empower you to achieve you goals and our shared purpose. 


The platform allows you to find and share project opportunities, build strong teams, access our full-suit of enabling Resources and bid on projects under our shared brand, UrbanEmerge.

Here are some instructions to help you navigate and use our platform:


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My Profile

Every member of our platform has his or her own profile page. You can access your own profile page at the top-most row of menu options, by clicking on My Profile.

To edit your Profile, click on Edit at the top-right. Here you can navigate the different profile sections, upload/replace your CV and edit your Notification settings.

Find Project

Here you can search for project opportunities.

At the top of the Find Project page you can search for a project you know about using either key words from the Project Title or the project reference (pr#). 

On the left you can search by one or more Service Areas; Region or Country. The page automatically lists all projects in the order in which they have been added. 

If you are interested in learning more about a project click on View Project to open the Project Details page.

Project Details

Each project has its own Project Details page. Here you can learn about the project, click on links to access documents related to the project opportunity, engage in an open chat in the thread, show interest in the project and self-manage into a strong team.

You are invited to engage in a public discussion about the project opportunity in the thread at the bottom of the page.

If you decide you would like to Show Interest in joining the team, click on Show Interest, select the role you would like to play and write a comment explaining what you can bring to the team (include relevant experience).

Your mini-profile appears on the right hand side of the page alongside others who have shown interest. That's how the team begins to form.

You may also want to Invite members to visit the project page or send a Private Message to a member of the Platform. If you click on the photo of the mini-profiles on the right, this takes you to their Profile page.

Through self-management you form into a team. For Quality Assurance in a growing network, every team must have a Lead Consultant on board. Lead Consultants can play any role on the project, including Consultant, project Manager, Team Leader or Senior Advisor.


All Lead Consultants are on our People page on our website (urbanemerge.com/people) and their Membership Status on their profile on the Platform also says Lead Consultant. 


The Project Circle, composed of Partners and Lead Consultants, assess the strength of the team and either give you the thumbs up to go ahead and bid on the project as UrbanEmerge, or offers you feedback for strengthening your team. 

Add Project

The second drop-down option under Project Opportunities in the top-menu takes you to the Add Project page. Here you can add details about a project opportunity and show interest in the project with details of the role you envisage playing. 

You may upload a file associated with the project, such as the Terms of Reference.


Find Placement

In addition to Finding and Adding Project Opportunities, you may also Find and Add Placement Opportunities, which are vacant roles on existing projects. 

Placement opportunities are automatically listed in the order in which they have been added, with the latest at the top. 

If you are interested in enquiring about a Placement opportunity click on the Enquiry button. Your enquiry is passed on to the team looking.

Add Placement

The second drop-down option in the Placement Opportunities tab in the top-menu allows you to Add a Placement Opportunity to the Platform.


This service allows you to fill skills-gaps on your existing UrbanEmerge projects. 

Here you can add information about a Placement Opportunity and upload the Placement Opportunity to the Platform. To upload Placement Opportunities for projects outside of UrbanEmerge please contact info@urbanemerge.com and we'll discuss it with you. 


Find Consultant

You can search our network of consultants by clicking on Find Consultant in the top-menu. 

Here you can search for a Consultant by name in the Search tab at the top, or by Service Area, Key Word, Region, Country or Institute. 

Consultants are listed automatically in the order in which they have joined.

Invite Consultants

Invite Consultant

You can invite consultants to join the Platform either by emailing them a link to the Registration page - www.urbanemerge.co.uk - or by clicking onInvite Consultant in the top-menu bar.

By inviting people from your network with whom you would love to work with on projects you begin forming a close-knit community of consultants within UrbanEmerge who Share project Opportunities. and look to each other to build a team Together you can more easily form teams of trusted colleagues, and by tapping into the broader UrbanEmerge Network you can fill skills gaps on your projects. to form very solid teams to bid on projects under our shared brand, UrbanEmerge.  


You can access your Messages with other members by clicking in Messages in the top-most menu options. 

Your communication threads are listed on the left. Select a thread to see the message thread. 

You can check to see which members are in a group thread by clicking on 'Name and 1 more' at the top of the thread. To add a member to an existing thread click on the blue + button. 

You may add an attachment to your message by clicking on the Paper-Clip next to the Send button at the bottom of the thread. You can also add Smileys:)

You can start a new conversation thread by clicking on New Conversation. This opens a new thread. 

Please note that your conversations are confidential and nobody outside of your message thread has access to your messages. UrbanEmerge Admin and Partners also do not have access to any messages we are not part of in the thread. We respect your privacy.


The Notification link in the top-most menu opens to show you the latest activity on the platform. You may click on Show All Notifications for a full-screen view of latest activities, such as new Consultants, Projects and Placements. 

Note that you can change your Notification Settings from My Profile/Edit/Notification Settings.

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