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Hi and thanks for visiting my profile page on Community Home!

We are organically developing a self-managed consutancy where independent consultants get together with like-minded consultants with diverse and complementary skills, begin to rerally understand each other's experience, goals and aspirations and co-imagine the kind of projects they would love to work on.

Your tight-knit communities within our wider network can develop their envisionned service lines and Ask UrbanEmerge to support you with Marketing. We can reflect your envisionned service lines on our website within one of our 12 broad Service Areas, we can add pages about your service lines with contact details of the Lead Consultant you have on board and amplify your social-media posts and campaigns through the network.

So really this is all about networking, building close-knit communities of consultants with shared goals and aspirations and leveraging our shared brand and network for business development, team-building and bidding on projects using our full-suite of enabling Resources.

I'm organising our first meet-up in London. I plan to make this a regular event so we can meet and network in the real world. I find meeting in real life generates the social connection and trust to keep us working together virtually.

I've been meetimg lots of consultants over the past month. We are all very entreprenenurial and creative, it's really cool!! Together we can achieve more!

UrbanEmerge is at your service. Our vision is to become a broad and diverse network of close-knit communities of like-minded people with shared goals and aspirations leveraging our shared brand and broader network to achieve their potential.

This is a big learning curve for me personally: I knew very little about social-media, online platforms, self-managed ways of working and even leadership is new to me. I am learning on the go, but I really need your help! Self management works with distrbited leadership!

Are you inspired to contribute ideas and lead initiatives that serve your personal goals and aspirations, those of our network and society at large? UrbanEmerge is your platform for you to leverage the network and the brand in all our interests! Please share your ideas any way you like: Our Forum here in our Community Home or by email. We're at each other's service!:)