Stephen Macey

Tax Reform & Industrial Governance

Steve  is a Consultant supporting states in tax reform and extractive industries governance. He has worked across the public, private and not for profit sector for a wide range of clients in multiple destinations. He commenced his career as an Economist at HMRC working as an analyst on Corporation Tax, including for the fiscal regime for North Sea Oil and Gas. Since a two year contract advising Sierra Leone's Ministry of Finance and Economic Development from 2010-2012, he has been head hunted by each new employer based on personal experiences of work colleagues. This includes Adam Smith International, where a newly invented role linking the Revenue Reform and Extractive Industries Governance services was created for him to fill in 2014. He was promoted at the first opportunity into the Senior Management team for both of these teams at Adam Smith International and remained at the company until entering self-employment in September 2017.

At Adam Smith International, he managed a Mining Sector Development project in Ethiopia which earned praise from World Bank counterparts. He project managed and worked as tax policy advisor on DFID’s Revenue for Prosperity project in Sierra Leone, for which he was selected to receive a ‘Highly Commended’ British Expertise Award on behalf of the team. He successfully pursued a sole-sourced project to support a new World Bank technical assistance project in Nigeria and managed the resulting project. In Laos, he project managed a World Bank project advising the Government of Laos on the mining and hydropower fiscal regimes. Finally, he was selected by the company to manage its first project in Saudi Arabia supporting the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs with municipal revenue collection. 

Prior to Adam Smith International, he has worked at Crown Agents, where he supported projects in Albania and Liberia and developed their extractives business by successful pursuits of projects in Ghana and Mongolia. He has been a self-employed consultant since mid-September 2014, since when he has advised the Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan on mining tax policy, the IMF on the success of it's Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool and the Liberia Revenue Authority on artisanal mining taxation.