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Sustainable Urban Systems

Circular Economy Services: There is an urgent need to move away from the “take, make, waste”culture of consumption. UrbanEmerge works with private and public sector partners to develop strategy, and plan and achieve practical steps. Our expertise supports the development of photosynthetic economiesthat focus on the local sourcing of materials, which helps to boost local value-chains and reform connections to place.

Waste Management: Promoting a “reduce, reuse and recycle” ethos is crucial for sustainable urban development. Poor waste management increases the risk of disease and causes general pollution that reduces an area’s desirability. UrbanEmerge helps clients develop waste management strategies that understand the constraints and opportunities for effective waste management, including analysis of economic value-chains, such as in plastics recycling. 

Low Carbon Development Strategy: From renewable energy to green industrial parks to urban and building design features, UrbanEmerge can help develop strategy, undertake feasibility studies and create partnerships to explore exciting new low-carbon ideas. 


Urban Farming: While food production in urban spaces is a rapidly expanding field by itself, UrbanEmerge can also help clients research and evaluate possible techniques, co-create strategy with a range of stakeholders, and analyse related value-chains and markets.

Industrial Waste Synergies: Closely related to circular economy, UrbanEmerge can help plan and design layouts for industrial parks, and create relationships and partnerships that facilitate the use of waste material from one industry as resources for another industry. 

Relevant Projects:

Scoping Study for a Plastic Waste Management Programme in Bangladesh, Ghana and Uganda