Unathi Ndlawana

Education & Skills Development

Expert in Teacher Professional Development Training and Facilitation with more than seventeen years of Lead Practicing in Psychology, English, Science and Philosophy for the Youth. Internationally qualified Socratic Dialogue and Philosophy for Children and the Youth Moderator.  Unathi is one of the avant garde University of Hertfordshire’s Primary Science Quality Mark vessels aimed at establishing well instituted foundations of scientific working in primary education; her main thesis tenet and practise being the eradication of racial and gender stereotypical assumptions of scientific distinction in Inner City London. 

Her ground breaking research (at writing-up level) -'How Socratic Questioning, when effectively implemented in English Literacy is able to advance oracy and eventual creative writing skills in transitional zones'- earned her a recommendation and subsequent acceptance on the 'Women Leading in Education' coaching program, where she is being mentored by Dr Rania Sawahli. 

In the past academic year, Unathi has generated a plethora of evidenced learner outcomes that assume testimony to a salient, central and critical lead in the innovative application of Philosophical Enquiry Laboratories as crucial, consenting stakeholder catalysts in the promotion, development and sustainability of the Educate and Celebrate Practice and Program. This has led to another subsequent proposition for Unathi to be trained by the British Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy (SFCP) and the German Philosophisch-Politische Akademie (PPA) and Gesellschaft für Sokratisches Philosophieren (GSP); a one year post-graduate program commencing with a colloquium at St Catherine ́s College, Cambridge University July 2018 in collaboration with various principal German Academic Institutes. 

A regular at the All Party Parliamentary Group participant at both educational and gender echelons, Unathi has in the past earned the profound commentary invitation by the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications on its launch on the inquiry into women in news and current affair broadcasting. She continues to be an all-rounded educational practitioner, where she consistently applies her advocacy for social cohesion through engaging-ethical learning with her recent proposal approved by two local education federations/academies to engage privately and publicly financed learners within close proximity to Inner London, to engross in Socratic Dialogue and Communities of Philosophical Enquiry Laboratories.