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Publish a blog on UrbanEmerge and benefit both yourself and the network!

How does it work?

Simple, you write a blog post that fits into one of our three blog channels:

- News (tell the world about an up-coming UrbanEmerge meet-up in your city or an event where you represented UrbanEmerge as a speaker or attendee for example. Share your news!)

- Thoughts (share your thinking about development issues related to your field of research and interest! Share your thoughts!) 

- Projects (write about UrbanEmerge projects you have worked on and completed. Share insights about your projects!)

Sounds good, tell me more.

You maintain full copyright of your blog post and you are free to ask us to remove it from our website and Medium blog anytime.

If you have a personal blog page you would like to use, simply publish your blog there and email us a link on blog@urbanemerge.com.

Ideally it would be easier for us if you publish your blog in your personal Medium page. If you don't have a Medium blog already you can open your free account by visiting https://medium.com.

Once you have opened your Medium blog we can invite you to become a writer on the UrbanEmerge Medium blog and publish on our Medium publication. How? Simply send the email you used to set-up your medium account (your username) to blog@urbanemerge.com and we'll make you a writer for UrbanEmerge.

How do I publish my Medium blog on UrbanEmerge?

Once you have written your Medium blog on your personal Medium page and you click publish, you will have the opportunity of adding Tags to your publication. Please add one of the following tags and your article will automatically be published on UrbanEmerge in the corresponding channel: News, Thoughts or Projects.

And then what?

Once your blog is published on UrbanEmerge's Medium channel, we will mirror it on our website and share it through social media (UrbanEmerge facebook page, facebook group, Twitter and LinkedIn). We'd love you and everyone to do the same so we can spread the word!