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UrbanEmerge delivers inclusive and sustainable development consulting services to public and private sector and civil society clients. We focus on low- and middle-income countries, helping to address increasingly urgent challenges for socially inclusive, resilient and low-carbon economic and urban development.

As a core group of partners, lead consultants and business development professionals with a close-knit network of independent consultants, we provide ​state of the art research and insights. Our clients gain access to global and local expertise as our network of affiliated experts extends to countries and cities all over the world. Clients also benefit from excellent value for money as our network model means that we have very few overheads and operating costs. 


Consultants affiliated with UrbanEmerge can share project opportunities and knowledge using our purpose-built online platform. We also maximise our use of online communication and project management tools to work and collaborate remotely, reducing travel-related greenhouse gas emissions. 

Who we help 
Our clients include the public sector, such as municipal authorities and national government departments, private sector companies who wish to improve sustainability performance or impact investing, and civil society organisations such as global NGOs, where they require support such as designing programmes to secure funding or for learning and advocacy.

Where we’ve made a difference 

Through some of our research and projects, we have designed donor-funded programmes for reducing plastic waste in cities, made infrastructure and master-plans more inclusive for persons with disabilities and designed integrated solid waste management programmes to secure donor funding. We have improved the sustainable development impact of private sector investments in African countries and helped donor funded programmes to learn and adapt. We have enabled clients to access new markets by leveraging new technologies and reviewed how support to industrial parks can best enable jobs and long term economic development, particularly for young women. 

At UrbanEmerge we are all passionate about our work and pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships, research, ideas and deliverables.

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