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We are co-creating shared values that bind us into a collaborative learning community and resonate throughout our work and relations. Here are some broad guiding principles:

Open Mind: Freedom & Opportunity

An open mind recognises the limitations of our knowledge and world views, and is open to exploring, experimenting and learning. Approaching life with an open mind makes us curious and inquisitive about new possibilities that increases our freedom, opportunities and wellbeing.


Open Heart: Compassion & Collaboration

An open heart makes us empathise with one another, and highlights our individual responsibilities towards the wellbeing of others. A sense of compassion creates the will to serve our clients and communities, and share and support each other in collaboration towards our shared purpose. This creates a Karmic buzz that benefits us all.

Open Hand: Courage & Creativity

We value a culture that encourages experimentation and learning. It takes courage to take a step into an envisioned future, with its uncertainties and new possibilities. At the edge of an emerging paradigm, we must increasingly rely on our intuition, guided by our ethical compass.

These values are inspired by ULab.