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Title: Research for GSMA on Digital Solutions for Plastic Waste Project
Client: GSMA
Published: April 2021
About: UrbanEmerge has recently conducted research for the GSMA M4D CleanTech team on digital innovation that can improve plastic waste management in LMICs. A global overview of relevant organisations and solutions was carried out followed by deep-dive research in seven countries in Africa and Asia to gain a detailed understanding of plastic waste value chains and the opportunities and constraints, as well as issues related to inclusion and e-literacy. The research is also designed to understand how MNOs can support more effective plastic waste collection, through initiatives such as providing airtime credit in exchange for plastic waste materials. 
Title: The Role of Digital and Mobile-Enabled Solutions in Addressing Climate Change
Client: GSMA
Published: February 2021

About: Intending to build greater understanding and consensus amongst private and public stakeholders, this report provides an overview of the role of digital and mobile-enabled solutions in addressing climate change and highlights a range of interventions that have great potential to mitigate, adapt and build resilience to climate change in LMICs. 
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Title: Artificial Intelligence and Start-Ups in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Progress, Promises and Perils
Client: GSMA
Published: November 2020
About: UrbanEmerge conducted a study to help GSMA’s Mobile for Development (M4D) programme understand what the ethical and responsible use of AI actually means in practice in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals as well as understanding the business models, opportunities and constraints of deploying AI-based solutions in developing markets in Africa and SSE Asia. The study resulted in an overview report with a set of practical recommendations for GSMA and their partners including AI innovators, policy-makers, international financial institutions and telecoms operators.
Title: Landscaping Study on the Innovation Ecosystem for Digital Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disabilities, Africa, Asia and Middle East, 2020
Client: GSMA, Mobile4Development
Published: July 2020
About: GSMA commissioned UrbanEmerge to undertake a study to understand the maturity of digital innovations for assistive technology (AT) solutions in low- and middle-income countries, with a focus on the resources needed throughout the innovation process and a range of possible business models, ideally resulting in free use of the AT for persons with disabilities. We are also providing strategic analysis and guidance to GSMA Assistive Tech on how to design their innovation fund to support organisations looking to market and grow mobile-enabled assistive solutions with high social impact.
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Title: Policy Brief -Making cities inclusive: Safe mobility for persons with disability in developing countries.
Client: Humanity & Inclusion (HI)
Partner Organisation: World Enabled
Published: June 2018
About:  Through appropriate measures to improve safety and accessibility, cities in developing countries have the transformative potential and the leverage to reduce inequalities in society and contribute to the realisation of human rights for all. 
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Title: Access to resettlement and complementary pathways for Syrian refugees
Client: Durable Solutions Platform (DSP) 
Published: June 2018
About: The DSP commissioned UrbanEmerge to look at the extent to which resettlement and complementary pathways have been accessible for Syrian refugees as well as to identify their potential for future state policy and NGO programming and advocacy.