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The UrbanEmerge Expert Network is an exclusive network of experienced development consultants leading our work across four Service Areas. We provide this network of consultants with a safe space to build synergies, share project opportunities and exchange relevant knowledge.


We are pleased to introduce you to a sample of our vast network of experts below:


Nadir Ehsan

infrastructure planning & financing | urban management | inclusive growth | public procurement

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John Ward

economic analysis | climate change mitigation | industrial organisation | public policy

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Babar Mumtaz

urban management | affordable housing | policy | housing finance | participatory development

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Federica Chiappe

sustainable development | international climate policy & finance

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Joshua Palfreman

solid waste management in sub-saharan Africa | recycling | WASH

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Laura Jungman

climate change | sustainable finance | environmental policy | nature based solutions

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finance & investment | human development | emerging & exponential technologies

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Adam Mitchell-Heggs

venture building | circular economy | sustainability | innovation (tech)

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Bian Li

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Ben Hawes

technology policy & strategy | network building | AI | smart cities | emerging tech

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Kirsten Jack

digital innovation | cyber security | digital inclusion | mental health

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Chrissy Martin Meier

fintech | digital finance & innovation | agricultural productivity & resilience

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