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Innovative technologies have an increasingly profound impact on the way we live, work and travel —particularly in the urban context, where digital and smart solutions are revolutionising the way cities are planned, managed and experienced. They can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can enable a much broader range of people to access cities, infrastructure and services. Emerging green technologies are also increasingly deployed in cities, where they can be tested and improved.

Relevant Projects:

How can UrbanEmerge help you?

Research and advisory services on digital and smart city solutions and assistive technologies

We help technology providers understand the needs and systems of sustainable urban planning and management, and how their solutions can achieve maximum impact. We can also help city authorities understand the benefits of smart city solutions, and work with them to develop strategies for adopting urban innovation in a way that is inclusive and part of a long-term vision.


Advisory services on technologies that enable inclusion and empowerment

We are committed to working with partners to ensure that smart city innovations do not widen the gap for vulnerable and potentially marginalised communities, such as the elderly or persons with disabilities. We have noticed, that experts in areas such as IT and data analytics often need support from specialists in sustainable urban development in order to truly change the way ICT-based smart city solutions are delivered and cities are managed, for the benefit of everyone.


Feasibility studies and market sounding for emerging technologies

We can also provide advisory services to investors on a wide range of areas relating to urban innovation and urban development projects. This includes landscaping studies, market-sounding and feasibility studies for new concepts or solutions.

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