Andreas Beavor

Co-Founder - Managing Partner


Land, Transport & Infrastructure

Inclusion & Empowerment

Environmental Risk & Resilience

Digital & Smart City Solutions

Sustainable Urban Systems

Andreas has 11 years of experience as a consultant and manager in the urban and regional development sector. Since 2007 he has worked for Ramboll, IMC Worldwide and ICF and he co-founded UrbanEmerge in 2017. His expertise is focused on sustainable economic and physical growth strategy and policy for cities and regions; linkages between infrastructure, value chains and inclusive economic growth; and integrated urban planning and infrastructure strategy, with a focus on inclusion, low-carbon development pathways and technologies, resilience and environmental management. He is also experienced in the design, delivery and evaluation and learning of donor-funded projects that emphasise social development and equity, environmental protection and disaster resilience.

Andreas has worked globally for a range of international development, public and private sector clients including the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and Foreign and Commonwealth Office ( FCO), World Bank, Cities Alliance, Asian Development Bank and Global Green Growth Institute. He has worked in wide range of low-, middle- and high-income countries including Albania, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Libya, Montserrat, Nepal, Nigeria, UK and Vietnam and contributed to, or remotely managed, assignments in many other countries. He often works alongside national or city government departments, as well as private sector investment and project financing consultancies, academic experts, tourism destination consultants, architects and real estate specialists.  Andreas is currently living in Hangzhou, China, with his wife and two children and is proficient in Mandarin and French.