Scoping Study for a Deposit Return Scheme and Household Waste Collection Programme, Rwanda

Empty Plastic Bottles

Service line: Sustainable Cities / Thriving Economies

Project: Scoping study for a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for PET plastic bottles and a household waste management programme, Rwanda

Client: DFID & Defra

Partner organisation: Coffey

Dates: 12/2019 

In 2018, the UK Government announced the establishment of the Commonwealth Clean Ocean Alliance (CCOA) to eliminate single use plastic and address marine plastic pollution. Funded by DFID and Defra, with contributions from Commonwealth countries, CCOA aims to provide technical assistance to a range of public and private sector entities in low and middle-income countries where waste management and particularly plastic waste management is a significant challenge. As part of this process UrbanEmerge delivered a scoping study for possible technical assistance (TA) support in Rwanda to improve waste management and circular economy processes. Scoping focused on the suggested ideas of a deposit return scheme (DRS) for plastic bottles and potentially other items, as well as an improved process for segregation of waste at household and business level to improve rates of plastic waste recovery and recycling. The findings informed two concept notes for these initiatives, to be evaluated by DFID and Defra along with concept notes from other potential countries.