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Alexandre Anne

Digital & Smart Cities

Alexandre Anne Photo.jpg

Alexandre is an ICT Engineer with 10 years of experience within consulting and engineering firms. He has focused during the past few years on ITS (Intelligent Transport System) projects and Digital and Smart City Solutions.


Alexandre has considerable expertise and in-depth technical knowledge on the Internet of Things, Data solutions (such as Data Analysis, Open Data and Big Data/Machine Learning opportunities) to design integrated urban systems as a Project Manager, Business Analyst or Software Developer.


His past roles have required him to predominately define strategies, design systems and look for insights through data solutions. His experience covers various steps including assessment, proof of concept, functional architecture and detailed design, specifications, data analysis and data visualisations, testing, commissioning and delivery.


Alexandre has worked for various companies in the private sector including Telstra, Artelia and VINCI/Suez, as well as municipal governments. He has strong organisational, project management and communication skills.

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