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Disability Inclusive Infrastructure Guidance for DFID

Service line: Inclusion and Empowerment / Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Project: Preparing Guidance on Disability Inclusive Infrastructure for DFID

Client: DFID / Social Development Direct & PwC

UrbanEmerge Consultant: Andreas Beavor - Team Leader

Partner organisations: World Enabled 

Dates: 10/2018 - 01/2019

UrbanEmerge is working with SDD and World Enabled to produce a DFID external guidance document on What Works for Disability Inclusive Infrastructure. The document describes challenges such as enforcement of policy, building awareness of government and design professionals, implementing appropriate design standards and overcoming cultural and attitude barriers that can prevent people with disabilities from being involved in design consultation or from using infrastructure. The guidance document sets out best practice and lessons learned with case studies from programmes and initiatives in low and middle-income countries. UrbanEmerge is also contributing to a wider team including Arup, PwC, MDY Legal and SDD to develop an internal guidance document for DFID on how to apply disability inclusion to their programmes. These outputs are being delivered through the DFID Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development (ICED) Facility and will help DFID Advisors and development partners improve disability inclusion in infrastructure programmes.