Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for the  Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) Programme


Service line: Thriving Economies / Sustainable Cities

Project: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for the DFID Kenya Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) Programme

Client: DFID 

Partner organisation: ITAD

Dates: 12/2018 - 12/2022

UrbanEmerge is responsible for the learning component as part of the ITAD-led team providing the monitoring, evaluation and learning for this 5 year, £75 million programme to help secondary cities and town in Kenya to better plan and implement climate smart and inclusive economic growth. Kenya is urbanising rapidly and by 2050, almost half the population in Kenya is expected to live in urban areas. Poorly planned urbanisation is failing to transform into more productive economies and better quality of life for inhabitants. Informal conditions and poor quality infrastructure are causing urban settlements and livelihoods to be highly vulnerable to environmental shocks linked to climate change. SUED is supporting municipal authorities in 12 urban areas to target economic sectors and value chains and to support their sustainable and inclusive growth. A key feature of SUED is improving the business and investment environment in the selected cities and facilitating private sector investment into resilient infrastructure and value chains.