Industrial Development in SE Nigeria

Service line: Thriving Economies

Project: Challenges and Opportunities for Industrial Development in South East Nigeria

Funded by: UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Direct Client: ICF

Dates: 03/2017 - 10/2017

The Urbanisation Research Nigeria (URN, 2012-2018) programme, managed by ICF, delivered research and evaluation services directly to the second Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF II), whilst simultaneously addressing wider key themes about urban development and governance and how to maximise the benefits of better infrastructure and stronger urban economic growth for the poor and for women and girls. Under URN, Naji Makarem and Andreas Beavor were responsible for a study to review the constraints and opportunities for industrial development in South East Nigeria, particularly Anambra State and the Onitsha Triangle. The study was informed by stakeholder interviews with business and political leaders and on secondary literature. They recommended policy improvements to reduce constraints to growth through improvements to infrastructure and business environment, which will help create urgently needed youth employment.