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Mike Slingsby

Urban Poverty Reduction

Project Management - Urban Poverty
• Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction Project (UPPR) (2008-09)
• Local Partnerships for Urban Poverty Alleviation Project (LPUPAP) (2002-05)
• Support to the Squatter Communities and Municipality for Participatory Urban Development’, Phnom Penh (1996-2000)

Programme Management
• Country Representative, UN-Habitat, Afghanistan (2009-10)
• Field Manager, U.K. Overseas Development Administration (Now DFID), Urban Poverty Office, New Delhi, India. (1993-96)

Practice Orientated Capacity Building – Urban Development 

Capacity Building - University Based 
• Senior Lecturer, Development Planning Unit, University College London (1990)
• Technical Co-operation Officer in Housing and Community Development, School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Madras, India. (1982-88)
• Director of Post Graduate Studies, Department of Town and Country Planning, University of Sri Lanka (1975-78)
Institutional Development - Public Administration Reform
• Senior Technical Adviser, UNDP project, Assistance to Public Administration Reform, Haiphong, Vietnam (2000-01)
Urban Upgrading
• Worked with the World Bank on its Vietnam Urban Upgrading Project and City Alliance's City Development Strategies (2002)
• Prepared report ‘Enhancing Access of the Urban Poor and Vulnerable Groups in Vietnam to Basic Infrastructure and Housing- Task 4 – Development of a Detailed Action Plan for a Selected City (Can Tho) (2002)
Housing Finance
• Senior Housing Specialist, Bangladesh for the World Bank’s Low Income Housing Support Project (2013-15) 
Urban Nutrition
• Urban Adviser to WFP’s Regional Bureau in Bangkok and WFP Myanmar (2014/2016)
Climate Change and Resilience
• Consultant, Trust Fund Design for the Urban Climate Change Resilience Programme (UCCRP) for ITAD, UK and Verulam Associates (2011)
• Research Team Leader, Employment Demand Survey, Yangon, International Growth Centre, Myanmar and London School of Economics (2017)

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