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Naji Makarem

Founder - General Enabler

New technologies and resources are accessible today to more people and organisations than at any other point in human history. We are learning to share and trust one another and compete with ourselves rather than each other in pursuit of our personal goals and shared purpose.

Micro-economics in the new economy is about making it super-easy for people and organisations to collaborate in pursuit of their individual goals and shared purpose. 

The most valuable resources in the new economy are accessible to all of us through social networks: Ideas, capabilities, experience, wisdom, intuition, advice, connections and resources. All we need to do is Share!

The Sharing Economy is emerging from a new culture of people with open minds, respect and consideration for one another (beyond fake boundaries that separate us) and the courage to be vulnerable and experiment in co-creating the future we want to see in the world. 

Together we can achieve more!

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Msc. Urban Economic Development at the DPU

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