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Naji Makarem

Founder & Managing Partner

Hello and thank you for being here. My partners and I have been developing a model of consulting firm that enables a close-knit network, dare I say an emerging community of independent consultants who have been sharing project opportunities, putting together great teams and proposals within tight deadlines and working together on projects we are all proud of, in ways we all feel is equitable within our organisation and project teams, and very good value for money for our clients.


Andreas Beavor (Lead Consultant), Jonny Wilkes (Finance Director) and I launched UrbanEmerge in Summer 2017. Together we formed the management board and we work closely with our partners Alina Kelly (Communications & Branding), Enrique Aznar (Cultural change) and our senior advisors who were catalytic at our early stage, Prof. Stephen Commins and Prof. Allen J. Scott.


Since our launch in Summer 2017 we successfully delivered 18 projects across our four service areas. We have more exciting projects in the pipeline and good support for new business development initiatives.


This is a good time to join UrbanEmerge; we have been growing organically, taking our time which is no longer just a luxury but a necessity in today's rapidly changing world.


As a global society we have been producing unjust and unsustainable societies and economies, exacerbating our twin-crises of inequality/injustice and environmental degradation.

I think that to change the world we must slowing down a little and take a look around, stop a few things all together and create new ways of doing things that benefit ourselves, each other and the world around us. 

Together we can instill our values and visions in all our operations and initiatives, by aligning to inclusion and sustainable development. 

We aspire to inspire all sectors of the economy to align with inclusion and sustainable development.

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