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The UrbanEmerge team has grown!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Throughout 2021 UrbanEmerge continued to learn and evolve. We had the privilege to engage with various new clients and to further leverage our impact. Accordingly, we have also had the chance to attract new talent to join our team in working towards inclusive, ecological and circular regional economies. We would like to warmly welcome Samia, Jonas, Anna and Fizza to the team:

This month we welcomed our first in-house UrbanEmerge consultant, Samia Khan. She has a diverse professional background to support projects that align with her vision for a sustainable, inclusive and just future for the world. Samia is curious about urban processes, particularly the influence of spatial and social relations in the built environment.

Jonas Le Thierry joined us in November 2021 as a Consultant and the Comms Lead at UrbanEmerge. He has several years of international experience working at the intersection of urban development and communications in the private, public and third sector. Jonas has a successful track-record managing multilateral projects and has implemented cross-media comms strategies at local and international scales.

Anna Koch joined us as our first intern in November 2021. She has years of volunteering experience working with various NGOs in London, Budapest, and internationally, including volunteering for Friends of the Earth at Cop26 (where she was shocked to see so much plastic waste in the restaurant). Anna holds a Masters in Sustainability & Environmental Management. She is currently playing a general-enabling role working closely with the partners and supporting us with research.

Fizza Fatima joined UrbanEmerge in February 2022. She is working as a consultant at Urban Emerge. She is an architect and urban planner from Pakistan, passionate about community building and supporting sustainable urban environments.

Finally, Ashley Richardson celebrates 1 year at UrbanEmerge leading on Business development. Ashley has been critical in developing an efficient service supporting teams put together solid proposals that look great! Thank you Ashley for all your hard work and dedication and looking forward to another transformative year ahead!

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Naji Makarem
Naji Makarem
Jan 12, 2022

Wonderful to see our core team grow as we continue to support our community of independent consultants (researchers, thematic experts and lead consultants) form solid teams, develop excellent proposals and deliver quality research and insights to our growing portfolio of clients who care deeply about people and the environment.

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