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UK Offsite & Modular Construction: Market Overview

Service line: Sustainable Cities / Enabling Technologies

Project: UK Offsite Manufacturing and Modular Construction: Market Overview

Client: Trillium Homes

Dates: 01/2018 - 02/2018

UrbanEmerge was commissioned to conduct a market overview study on offsite manufacturing and modular construction in the UK. The client wanted to understand the market, the major players, investments in offsite construction and technologies used in this re-emerging industry in the UK. Offsite manufacturing is enjoying a new era of growth in the UK, backed by government support for the industry. This sector is perceived to potentially alleviate the housing crisis in the UK, because off-site manufacturing techniques require less labour than on-site construction, as well as significantly reducing construction time. Moreover, this sector is part of an emerging Industry 4.0, integrating digital technologies with precision manufacturing, which promises to boost UK productivity. Our study identified the major players, smaller boutique firms, niche markets and emergent technologies.

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