Study on Refugee Resettlement Pathways for the Durable Solutions Platform

Service line: Thriving Economies / Sustainable Cities

Project: Study on Resettlement and Complimentary Pathways for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Client: Danish Refugee Council / Durable Solutions Platform

UrbanEmerge Consultant: Naji Makarem (Team Leader), Lorraine Charles (Consultant Refugee Expert), Reem Mahgribi (Consultant - Fieldwork), Stephen Commins (Senior Advisor) and Andreas Beavor (Project Manager)

Dates: 12/2017 - 04/2018

Resettlement and complementary pathways (ongoing international protection and continuous advancement towards greater enjoyment of rights) for Syrian refugees have received increased attention, yet little is known as to how this has improved Syrian refugees’ access to a durable solution for social and economic integration into host countries. UrbanEmerge delivered research in Jordan for the Durable Solutions Platform, part funded by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), that will provide insights for wider programme design, for the DRC and other NGOs. A key area explored were the options available and the perception of Syrian refugees about the existence and availability of opportunities for resettlement and complimentary pathways in other countries.