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Inclusion & Empowerment

Ensuring equality of opportunity is a key foundation for sustainable development. The urban environment reflects a society’s ability to provide its more vulnerable members with access to services, facilities, education and employment. 


Too often, decision-making processes fail to include groups such as women, ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities. Such groups can also be excluded through physical infrastructure or attitude/behavioural patterns. Once social exclusion is locked in, it becomes increasingly difficult to reverse.


What can UrbanEmerge provide?


UrbanEmerge works with policy-makers, NGOs, advocacy groups and other organisations to help ensure that urban planning, infrastructure development, and economic development and employment policies are socially inclusive.

UrbanEmerge also works with the public and private sectors, and civil society, to help understand and quantify impacts, define the value of social infrastructure, quantify the social rate of investment, and maximise the benefits of non-monetary value. In addition, we work with communities to help express their voices, and present creative, evidence-based arguments for bringing their priorities and concerns to the attention of political decision-makers.

Relevant Projects:

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