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Housing and Regeneration

Housing in urban areas is in rapidly increasing demand, and that’s just in London. Globally, the need is ever greater for dignified, low-carbon dwellings that provide social freedom and an increased quality of life. In African countries, for example, millions of units will need to be built annually in the coming decades just to close the current deficit. 


But the housing crisis also presents opportunities for green housing that is high quality yet affordable, and can contribute to more sustainable construction and resources management, while unleashing agglomeration economies.


What can UrbanEmerge provide?


UrbanEmerge is linked to some ground-breaking researchers developing housing solutions for the emerging future. We can also provide experts with deep knowledge of best practice and innovative solutions in construction materials and methods, socially inclusive approaches to planning and design, and locally driven development.

City regeneration is another important aspect of our emerging urban future. UrbanEmerge can work with the private, civic and public sectors to enhance the benefits of regeneration through a focus on community, inclusive growth, and integration with infrastructure and the wider urban fabric.

Relevant Projects:

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