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Nadir Ehsan

Infrastructure & Development

Nadir is an expert in planning and financing infrastructure at the city and regional scale. His experience across Europe and Asia includes 8 years in the ADB’s Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) SSA.

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Ben Hawes July 2019.jpg

Ben Hawes

Technology & Data Policy

Ben has spent much of his career in the UK Government leading initiatives on data and technology and is now an independent consultant advising the Connected Places Catapult on the role of  AI.  

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Alla Kos

Responsible AI

Alla is a lawyer by training but has spent most of her career in international development, most recently focusing on the role of responsible use of AI in contributing to the  SDGs.


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Nada Nohra

Urban Economic Development

Nada has focused on sustainable economic development, including the role of industrial parks and SEZs, in the UK and internationally, including for the UK Centre for Cities & UNIDO.  Read More

John Ward.jpg

John Ward

Senior Economist

John was previously Managing Director of Vivid Economics and is a renowned expert in economic analysis, including areas relating to low-carbon development and climate change  mitigation.

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Vidya Naidu

Gender & Inclusion

Vidya has over 12 years of experience in analysing and enhancing gender equality and social development aspects of urban and infrastructure development programmes.  

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Mike Slingsby

Urban Poverty Reduction

Mike has 45 years of experience in urban development planning including land use and transportation, urban infrastructure, urban poverty reduction and climate change resilience.

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Navin Subedi

Nepal Country Coordinator

Navin is UrbanEmerge’s coordinator in Nepal and an expert in evaluation and learning, as well as implementing civil society-led sustainable development  programmes.


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Asma Jhina

Sustainable and Inclusive Urbanisation and Economic Development

Asma is an experienced consultant and manager with recent experience in sustainable inclusive and resilient urban development for the Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities and the ICED  facility.

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Azim Manji

Urban Infrastructure & Management

Three decades of experience across integrated urban development, infrastructure planning and financing, urban governance reform and capacity  building.

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Joshua Pelferman

Solid Waste Management

Josh is a specialist in solid waste management and WASH, with expertise in markets for the poor approaches and a geographic specialisation in Sub Saharan Africa. 

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Joe Wood

Social Impact & Resettlement

Joe is an experienced urban planning expert with a focus on social Impact analysis and resettlement planning and poverty assessments based on qualitative and quantitative data  collection.  

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Tania Tiberia

Social Impact Business

Tania supports the business strategy of innovation technology suppliers with solutions that improve social impact and save lives. She specialises in emerging and developing markets.


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Alexandre Anne Photo.jpg

Alexandre Anne

Digital & Smart Cities

Alexandre's background is in global telecoms and technology companies and he recently focused on digital and smart city solutions based on applications of 5G, IoT and  AI.  

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Mansoor Ali.jpg

Mansoor Ali

Solid Waste Management

Over 25 years of experience in supporting city and national governments implement integrated solid waste management and water and sanitation initiatives with a focus on South  Asia.  

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Image by Abdullah Öğük

Joanne Van Selm

Migration & Refugee Issues

Joanne has almost two decades’ experience in policy and academic research on migration, asylum and refugee issues, advising donor and national government  clients.

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Tejiri Digun-Aweto

Sustainable Development 

Tejiri is the Lead Founder of Preserve the Environment Initiative. He has over 10 years experience working in economic development, environmental sustainability and tourism. 

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Dina Khan Photo.jpg

Dina Khan
Sustainable Development Planning

Dina specialises in climate compatible and sustainable development planning. She has 15 years of experience assisting governments and development partners.

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Teslim Giwa
Energy Efficiency
& Renewables 

Teslim is a Renewable Energy expert and part of a growing collective of professionals working towards realizing sustainable built environments in Nigeria. His background training is in Architecture and he received his PhD from the University of Sheffield with specialisations in built environment sustainability.

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Alina Kelly May 2019 (2).jpg

Alina Kelly
& Branding

Alina provides strategic planning, marketing communication, and project management services to both public and private sector clients. She has successfully led the planning and implementation of numerous large-scale, multi-faceted projects over the course of her career.

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Enrique Aznar
Corporate Cultural

Enrique is a change agent and catalyst on corporate culture transformation and change management. He recently led the cultural transformation of a major telecoms operator into a technology company. 

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